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We’ve been recognized for our superior workmanship, including at the Mirimichi Golf Course most recently. When you call on Marshall and his son Aaron, you’ll have a team dedicated to outstanding service working on your project.

Our goals on every project include:

• Be honest and maintain a high level of integrity.
• Keep our client informed throughout the project.
• Always maintain a high level of professionalism.
• Work with our trade’s people to support them to be more successful in the service they provide us.
• Supervise our jobs personally on a daily basis

Marshall’s Bio:

Marshall has over 30 years. experience in the construction industry in the mid-south area, starting out as a framing contractor for some of the big homebuilders in Memphis in the early 1980s.

Marshall started framing and foundations in the late 1980s in the custom home and renovation industry and has evolved into a premier Custom Home Builder and Renovating Contractor. Marshall has strived to be the best, and to provide the highest quality work for his customers, along with providing the best service and attention to detail. The important things to Marshall are family, trust and integrity in his business relations. Marshall Law Construction is a family-owned business by Marshall, along with his son Aaron Marshall Law, who grew up around the construction industry and has worked through the summers while growing up.

After Aaron graduated from Christian Brothers High School, he decided to stay with his father and help run everyday operations.

How the renovation process works:

Here is an outline of how the renovation process works.
{1} Contact: A lot of our previous customers were either sent to us by satisfied customers, architects, Interior Designers, or people related to the industry or media.

{2} First Meeting:
This meeting is to learn from you, the prospective plans, ideas and goals. We will need to know if you want to use to make preliminary and final plans or if you accomplish the project the way you want to be done. We will be happy to supply references and photos of our projects and a look at some, that are in progress or just completed. Most of all we want to get to know you and for you to get to be comfortable with us.

{3} Preliminary Plans and Estimate:
We will need to make or have a preliminary plan to start getting pricing together for your project. Then we will make changes if necessary to make sure you’re getting what you want. Next, we will get all the preliminary numbers together for your estimate. If this is a large project, we will suggest going with one of our architects or designers if you don’t have one.

{4} Final Plans and Quote:
When the plans are final and you are happy, we will get a firm quote for your project. At this point, it’s time to draw up a contract in outline form listing all specifications of the project. We will provide you rough timeline and a list of proposed venders for the project. If you need a decorator, we can supply you with a list.

{5} Preparation for Project:
After the contract has been signed we start preparation for the project. We want the project to run as smooth as possible without much downtime. Planning and coordinating the project comes next. You don’t want to get into the project and find out you can’t get the materials or fixtures you need because they were not selected beforehand. We like to get everything selected and ordered in advance. Get our workforce scheduled. Have projected timeline in place. We will work with you on selecting fixtures, hardware, cabinets, etc. that are needed for the entire project. We will have set up a timeline so that if you need to be out of the house, you will know for how long to make arrangements. Also let you know when it’s time to make decisions and walk-throughs to complete timeline.

{6} Begin Construction:
With preparation done, the project is ready to begin. We will stay in touch with you as the project progresses to keep you informed about any decisions or meetings that might need to incur. We work closely with our crew and personally supervise the project daily. When unforeseen conditions occur, we will stop construction, have a meeting with you about them and provide reasonable solutions. The most important thing is communication between us, so that both parties stay happy.

{7} Completion:
Before the job is completed, is a walk-through. This is to ensure none of the details have been overlooked. A punch-list of small items to be touched-up and completed to your satisfaction is detailed and then the final cleanup of the jobsite and home follows. Schedule your move back in your newly renovated home.